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Everybody is welcome to add and maintain products in the database.
All changes are reviewed by our redaction team before they are accepted for product database. Review takes between few minutes to few days depending on how complicated the verification is.
In case of any issues or questions, please contact us.

Please note that additional features, product variations, spare parts and other connections are only possible in editing mode after the product was redacted.


Local Product or Service In general all products which are available to limited audience or where exist multiple variations depending on location where it is sold.
Use this, if you are not sure. Our redaction team takes care about it before publishing.

Coca Cola belongs here as it have different composition between regions.
Power cord for European market belongs here too.
Global Product or Service Those are items available around the world. Usually same product available in more then one country or localized version of the same product.
• If you deliver internationally same product, chose this type.
• If you deliver only to countries which share language, currency or customs, please use "Local" type.
• If your product differs from country to country or if you are not sure, use "Local" type.
• Most digital / download goods belong to this type.

USB cable or computer mouse sold internationally with multilanguage documentation.
Steam or XBox Gift Certificates belong here as well.
Your Own Product or Service Chose this type if the product or service is exclusive to you. It means nobody else can produce it or sell it.
If you produce it and anybody can resell it (new), use another type.

Most services like car repair, portrait photography, Taxi. Backery products or edible products with limited shelf time.
Most products produced by one company and unlikely to be sold new by somebody else (for example custom made photo frame).
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